Bowie County Obituaries Index

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Adams, Irene Z
Adams, John R
Allen, Dabney
Allen, Morris Uhrig Sr - 1965
Barfield, R B
Barlow, Mable
Bates, Robert Noble
Baucum, Glyn Oliver
Butler, Jack B
Bellieu, Hazel Valentine Jones
Cantrell, Tillman McAdams
Carmicheal, Mrs John
Cockerham, Thomas Allen
Cordell, Cleo
Creed, Jeannette Spencer
Deese, Irene Aydelott
DeFee, James G
DeFee, John C
DeFee, Lucille Clements
DeFee, Margaret Ann
DeFee, Robert E
DeFee, William Jackson Jr
Elliott, Mrs Kate
Ellis, Judge Richard
Gentry, Diane
Gibson, J R
Goodson, Mary Ruth
Greer, Maurine Brown
Gunter, Mrs Mary E
Haggard, Gladys
Harris, Randolph C
Heatherly, Col. Thomas
Hightower, Eugene DeFee
Holloway, Charlotte Ann
Holloway, Jimmy W
House, Littleton W
Ivy, Mrs Roth Matilda
Johnson, Arthur M
Kell, Judy Marie
Lynch, John Welborn
McMillan, James Edward
Miller, Mrs D F
Moore, Charles Harrison (He was laid out in his front yard, on the south side of Moores Lane (now across from a big new church), and then transported to Moores Chapel Cemetery just down Richmond Road from Moores Lane. - Submitted by Willie McKemie)
Moss, Col. O P
Myrick, Charles A
Narramore, Patricia Weimer
Parker, John
Payne, Bert Byron
Read, Dr Martin (1855)
Rochelle, James F
Ruggs, C H
Shaver, Nancy Lois
Smith, Jim F
Spencer, Harold Wade
Strickland, Joshua David
Sullivan, Alvis
Townsend, Casey Lee
Young, S M

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