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The New Boston Genealogy Society works to improve the genealogy department of the library by raising money to buy more material and equipment.  They invite you to visit the New Boston Library and to use the micro-film readers and books that they now have.  They also have genealogy forms available and the copy machine is excellent.

These are family histories that the New Boston Genealogy Society has published in the past.  They have been taken from Ye Olde Ancestors published in 1991 & 1992.  Written permission has been graciously given by the New Boston Genealogy Society to post this information to the Bowie County TXGenWeb site.

Anderson, Thomas Tisdale Carrington (T T C)
Autrey Family
Baker, Cullen (The Outlaw)
Barfield, Ritt Barto
Barthel, Ernst Heinrich
Blocker, Michael Patrick
Braley, Joseph Warren
Brewer, Linson Franklin
Brown, Major Emmet
Burkhalter, Ebenezer Maxwell
Clark, John Marion
Collins, Thomas Franklin Sr
Collom, Charles
Cowen, John
Cowley, James & William
Dalby, Warren Knight
Daniel, Zedock Hairson
Duke, Pleasant Miller
Elkins, Harmon Kinsley
Elliott, Richard McDowell Johnson (RMDJ Elliott)
Fox, James T
Grider, John Thomas
Hart, Milledge Alfonso Sr
Harty, John
Hawkins, John Matthews
Hickerson, Phillip Bishop
Holyfield, John H
Hooks, Warren
Howell, Mary J & Josephine
Hubbard, Francis
Kennington, Milton Hilton
Looney, David
Mahone, William M
McCrary, Silas
McGee Family
McGee, Joel Robert
Medford Family
Mozingo, Allen Jones
Murrell, William Rock
Orr, Edwin Pyron
Owens, Thomas
Phillips, Roland William
Pickens, Samuel David
Pierce, Amon McMillon
Poer, James
Poole, Sam
Rachel, Nathaniel James
Shipp, Samuel W
Smith, James Franklin Sr
Talley, Charles W
Terral, John L
Tidwell, Joseph Pearson
Tidwell, Levi
Wells, Cornelius Franklin
Whitecotton, John "Jack" W

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