Photos from Bygone Years of
Bowie County, Texas and
Miller County, Arkansas

Photo Description Submitter
Allen Monument Company - 1945 - Was located on State Line next to where Rogers Marine is now. Gail Allen
Allen Monument Company - 1945 - Was located on State Line next to wherre Rogers Marine is now. Gail Allen
Ave Cash Grocery @ 418 Stateline Avenue, Texarkana, Arkansas - 1921 Pat Foster King
Bell's Tourist Courts - Texarkana - 1932 Elaine Martin
Bell's Court Elaine Martin
Brockhaus - Texarkana - 1911 Elaine Martin
Camp Hannon Station - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Crystal Pool - Texarkana - 1940's Elaine Martin
Coffee Cup Diner - Texarkana .
Country Club - Texarkana - 1915 Elaine Martin
Country Club - Texarkana Elaine Martin
DeShong's Drug Store in 1904 - New Boston, Tx Marland Old
Dun Sailin' Motel - Texarkana .
Flat Iron Building - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Fondo's Cafe - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Fuller, T A Mercantile - New Boston, Texas Marland Old
Grim Hotel - Texarkana .
Grim Hotel - Texarkana - 1925 Elaine Martin
Holderness-Senyard Company's Funeral Establishment Bob Ewing
Hotel McCartney - 1930's L R Henderson
Hotels - Various - Benefield Hotel, Covington Hotel, Grand Central Hotel, Huckins House, Cosmopolitan Hotel Bob Ewings
Huckins House - 1908 - Texarkana, Arkansas .
Huckins House - Texarkana - 1910 Elaine Martin
Hughes Motor Company - 1951 Nash Rambler Station Wagon   (in front of the Texarkana College) William Sweeney
Jefferson Coffee Shop .
J W Morrow Groceries & Feed - Phone (can't read but looks like 2 numbers) - 209 (can't read) St Line Street Kelli Fannin
Lanes Motel - 1940's .
Larry Robinson Studio - date unknown Annette
Lone Star Motel - 1950's .
Machinery & Supply Company - Texarkana - 1949 Elaine Martin
Magnolia Manor Motel - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Magnolia Manor Motel - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Mortenson's Store - Dry Goods & Grocery Etc - Located on Lake Drive, Texarkana Texas Tresa Underwood
National Bank - Texarkana - 1913 Elaine Martin
New Boston Train Depot Roger Hays
Old Forman Building .
Paramount Theater - 1934  (also known as the Perot Theater)  L to R: H D Bowers, Joe Gardner, Howard Robinson, Dale Allen, Morris Allen Jr, Harold Meloy Gail Allen
Post Pipe Company - Texarkana - 1914 Elaine Martin
Rock Store Interior, Harris Grocery 1965 - Highway 71 South, Miller Co. Ark. V. Harris
Savoy Hotel - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Southwestern Phone & Telegraph Company - Texarkana - 1908 Elaine Martin
State National Bank, Texarkana .
Stop Agan Service Station, Texarkana, TX .
Sundown Motel - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Terrace Court Motel - Texarkana - 1930's Elaine Martin
Texarkana Life Underwriters Group Photo - Taken Thursday, Jan. 21st, 1932. William Sweeney
Texarkana Casket Company - 1911 Elaine Martin
The Town House .
Two States Coffee Shop .
Union Train Station .
Union Train Station .
Various - Railway, YMCA, US Courthouse & Post Office Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - Miller Co. Courthouse, Miller Co. Jail, West Side High School, West Side City Hall, Grand Opera House, Post Office Looking East, East Side Fire Co. & City Hall, East Side High School Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - Pine Street Sanitarium, KCSR General Office, Cotton Belt RR Hospital, Cotton Belt RR State Street Depot, Dales Sanitarium, Union Depot Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - ?Moreland? Dry Goods, Gus J Ghio's Studio, Ben Williams Pharmacy, State National Bank, Unreadable, Unreadable Store, Texarkana National Bank Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - Courier Building, Ghio Building, Rialto Building, ? A ? Carpet & Furniture Co, Texarkana Ice Co., Jno R K Line Steam Bakery Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - W F Taylor Wholesale Groceries, Foreman Building, J T Stark Grain Co., Turner Bros Wholesale Grocers, Offenhauser Building, Smith Drug Co Wholesale Retail, Arkansas National Oil Mill, Texarkana Produce Co. Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - College Hill School, K C S Passenger Depot, Compress, Twin City Lumber Co., Rose Hill School, Texarkana Lumber Co., Ark & Texas Grain Co., Gas & Electric Light Plant, Unreadable Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - W J Lemp Storage, Texas & Pacific Round House, Spring Lake, Anheuser Busch Storage, Inter-Locking Plant, Stand Pipe, Offices Jack Ledwidge & Water Co., Texarkana Spring Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - Bender Wagon Co., Texarkana Oil & Fertilizer Co., Standard Novelty Works, Renkopf's Matress Co., Texas Car & Machine Co., Pressed Brick Yard, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable Bob Ewing
Various Buildings - International Creosote & Construction Co. Largest In The World, Stave Factory, Stave Yard, Southern Tie & Timber Treating Co., Yards of the International Creosote Co., Front View of Creosote Co. Showing Cylinder Holding Whole ?, Southern Furniture Bob Ewing
YMCA - Texarkana - 1906 Elaine Martin
YMCA - Texarkana - 1907 Elaine Martin

Churches & Cemeteries

Photo Description Submitter
18 Churches of Texarkana Elaine Martin
Beech Street First Baptist Church - Texarkana, Ark .
Central Christian Church - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Christian Church - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Dudley Street Church of Christ - Ca 1950 Jim Stacks 
Eylau Cemetery Photo's #1  Tresa Underwood
Eylau Cemetery Photo's #2 Tresa Underwood
Eylau Cemetery Photo's #3 Tresa Underwood
Eylau Cemetery Photos - Highway 59 South behind Eylau Methodist Church .
First Baptist Elaine Martin
First Presbyterian Church - Texarkana - 1916 Elaine Martin
Hickerson and Fussell graves in Eylau Cemetery - Hwy 59 S, Texarkana, Texas V. Richardson
Holly Springs (Ark) Cemetery Photo Tresa Underwood
Red Bayou Church Historical Marker  Barbara Niemeyer
Rock Springs (Ark) Cemetery Photo's Tresa Underwood
Rose Hill Cemetery Entrance Elaine Martin
Sacred Heart Church - Texarkana - 1917 Elaine Martin
Texarkana Church of Christ .
Various - Episcopal, Methodist, Central Christian, Unreadable, Catholic, Mt Sinai Synauogue, Presbyterian, Olive Street Baptist, Unreadable Bob Ewing
Woodlawn Cemetery Dedication Plaque 1949 - Texarkana, Arkansas V. Richardson

City & County Government

Photo Description Submitter
Bowie County History Memorial .
City Hall - Texarkana - 1906 .
City Hall - Texarkana - 1907 Elaine Martin
City Hall - Texarkana - 1929 Elaine Martin
Court House (Old one) - New Boston .
Municipal Building - Texarkana - 1920's Elaine Martin
Municipal Building - Texarkana - 1943 Elaine Martin
Municipal Building, Fire Station, and City Hall - Texarkana .
U S Courthouse - Texarkana Elaine Martin
U S Post Office & Federal Building - 1910 Elaine Martin
U S Post Office - Texarkana - 1912 Elaine Martin
U.S. Post Office, Texarkana .
U S Post Office, Texarkana (with Confederate Monument & First Chirsian Church)      Back of Card Elaine Martin

Civic & Fraternal

Photo Description Submitter
Boy Scout Troop 23 - (Liberty) - Texarkana, Texas Jay (James William) Riley
Boy Scout Troup 1 - 40th Reunion - Oct 16, 1954 L R Henderson


Photo Description Submitter
Centennial Program Front - Texarkana - 1973 Elaine Martin
Centennial Program Back - Texarkana - 1973 Elaine Martin
Pet Parade - Broad Street - 1936-37 Eddie Robinson
Prohibition Era Photo Texarkana Tresa Underwood
Woodmen Parade - New Boston 1904 Marland Old


Photo Description Submitter
Morrow, J W Home - Texarkana, TX Kelli Fannin
Morrow, J W Home - Texarkana, TX Kelli Fannin
Sweeney Home: Abt. 1908 - 406 Beech Street, Texarkana, Arkansas William Sweeney
Various - W H Booth, F W Offenhauser, Judge L A Byrne, E W Frost, R J O'Dwyer, T L L Temple Bob Ewing
Various - J A Buchanan, Ben Foreman, G W Fouke, Ben Williams, G A Hays, G E Haydon Bob Ewing
Various - J M Carter, Mrs R B Williams, W L Williams, L Heilbron, Ben Collins, Henry Offenhauser, A H Whitmarsh, Geo Depoyster Bob Ewing
Various - T S Mullins, Lizzie O'Donnell, Noah Sanderson, Henry Moore, Dr P C Williams, Hiram Glass, S E Whitesides, Unreadable, W H Arnold Bob Ewing
Various - H M Bou?h, Dr Dale, Unreadable, J H Mullins, Q C Turner, Geo Harris, Judge Conway, W B Crouch, Col F M Henry Bob Ewing
Various - Unreadable, ? Convent, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable, Unreadable Bob Ewing
Various - H B Carter, B H Kuhl, T W Wadley, W R Grim, H W Vaughan, Ehrlich Row, Mrs J L Sheppard, Will Earl, S M Ragland, J S Ragland Bob Ewing
Various - Bryant Unreadable, R B Ayers, Jodie Kirby, L F Eck, Thad Bryant, Miss Maye Haydon, Dan T Unreadable, Unreadable, J W Buchanan, ? H Stevens Bob Ewing
Various - A L Ghio - One Of The First Frames, Jno Raffelli, Joe Goldonia, W H Burnham, Alfred DeLoach, Judge Vaughan, J D Ingram, C D Lintz, E D Robbins, F M Dolhamius, Be It Ever So Humble Bob Ewing


Photo Description Submitter
Canant, Dr E E - Office - Bassett, Texas 1931 Lloyd Canant
Cotton Belt Hospital (Old one) .
Cotton Belt Hospital .
Cotton Belt RR Hospital - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Cotton Belt Hospital - Texarkana - 1943 Elaine Martin
DeFee, Harmon Fonville Pharmacy Licenses Renewal - 1919       Pic #2 William Sweeney
Pine Street Sanitarium - Texarkana Elaine Martin
St Michael's Hospital - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Texarkana Sanitarium and Hospital, Texarkana, Tx .


Photo Description Submitter
Confederate Memorial .
George, Lt. Louis R. Service Photo - Texarkana, Ar Jane Slaughter
McGee, Thomas Turne (In Uniform) Marland Old
United Confederate Veterans .
Veteran's Reunion for either the Bowie Co. Veterans or the 11th Texas Cavalry.  Daniel R. Holmes
V-Mail that was sent by a solder during WWII  Winston McCain


Photo Description Submitter
Booze Line - Texarkana State Line - 1911 Elaine Martin
Buchanan's Beverages Bottle - 7Up Bottling Co, Texarkana, Tx Elaine Martin
Cupid In Texarkana Elaine Martin
Dixon Baseball Team, 1887 .
Drinking in Texarkana Elaine Martin
Greetings From Texarkana Elaine Martin
Greetings From Texarkana - 1950's Elaine Martin
Razorkack Articles  - Texarkana AR High School paper,  Feb. 8 1935 Billy R. Boykin
Razorback, Texarkana High School paper - 2 articles Billy R. Boykin
Razorback, Texarkana Arkansas High School paper - 1 article Billy R. Boykin
Texas Rangers .
Twin City Bottling Works Bottle Elaine Martin
Views - State Line Looking North From Post Office, Broad Street Looking East Bob Ewing
Weaver, Johnathan W - Letter to his sister, Eliza Weaver Hayley - written 1844 Matt & Jan Frey


Photo Description Submitter
Allen, Morris Sr - Ca 1960 standing behind elks head - can you identify any of the others? Gail Allen
Barber, Lilly - 1924 - one of the first female sheriffs in the county Jim Stacks 
Batte Family, Miller Co. Ar. Jim Stacks 
Baugh, D A Family - Dalby Springs Eddie Robinson
Beasley, Charlie & Durham, Ealey          Back of postcard Winnie Tidwell
Bellieu, Hazel Jones - Lived on Summerhill Road Elaine Martin
Bellieu, William Titus and Martha (Johnson) with children  Jim Stacks 
Bullard, Jemima Jane, wife of John T. Davis & Family Info
Leander "Lee" A. Davis, Ambrose Lettler Davis, 
Eulila "Lallie" Davis, Lula Davis, Marshall Davis
Billy R. Boykin
Cates, John Morgan Edward Cates
Cates, William and Sarah Edward Cates
Crane, James L family of Fouke, Arkansas  Jim Stacks 
Crane, Mrs James Lon (Arizonia Smith) Jim Stacks 
Crew, Dr C S & DeKalb Home - 1915 Eddie Robinson
Cross, John Sidney & Family - Daniel's Chapel, abt. 1925 Edith Smith 
Davis, John T, Father of William L. Davis. Billy R. Boykin
Davis, Maggie, cotton cards & home canning Billy R. Boykin
Davis, William Lynn & Sarah M. Robertson family  - along with their marriage license.  Billy R. Boykin
Dean Family Photo's, Texarkana  Tresa Underwood
Duflot, Albert & Marie A, 50th Anniversary & Guests Sept 19, 1926; Texarkana, Ark Jane Slaughter
Duflot, Billy & Sorsby, Emory Dale Jane Slaughter
Duflot Family Reunion, August 15, 1915 - Texarkana, Arkansas Jane Slaughter
Duke, Elbert and Holland Eddie Robinson 
Duke, James & Essie McMillan Family Eddie Robinson 
Elliott, Richard McDowell - Richard McDowell Johnson Elliott was born 27 Dec 1767 in Ireland, and died 29 Mar 1853 in New Boston, Texas. He married Jane McCullough 16 Dec 1801 in Savannah, Georgia, daughter of David McCullough and Phebe Boyd.  She was born 22 Feb 1781 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died 10 Oct 1856 in Texarkana, Texas.  See Descendants of Richard McDowell Johnson Elliott David Edwards
Gay, Sam & Verna Family Eddie Robinson 
Giles, Jeremiah b. 1885 Lillie Giles Best
Gray & Moore Family Photo's 
Hawkins, Lydia Briscoe Edwards - dob 4/24/1840-1/16/1916 (buried in New Hope Cementery) Eddie Robinson 
Hayes Family Group Picture Eddie Robinson 
Hayes - McMillan Family Photo New Hope 1909 Eddie Robinson 
Jones, Anna & John Family - At New Hope 4 miles from Dalby Springs. Made in 1906 or 1907. Eddie Robinson 
Jones, Inez - Ca 1917 on Summerhill Road Elaine Martin
Kimbell, Elizabeth Read - born 23 JUL 1843 in DeKalb, Republic of Texas, and died 8 FEB 1920 in Texarkana, Texas. She married Rhesa Walker Read 16 NOV 1859 in DeKalb, Texas, son of Martin I. Read and Eliza Walker. He was born 30 DEC 1836 in Canton, Alabama, and died 2 AUG 1909 in Texarkana, Texas. He was buried in Read Hill Cemetery, Bowie County, Texas. David Edwards
Kimbell, Elizabeth Read David Edwards
Kimbell, Sarah Angelina Elliott & John M -  John M Kimbell was born Abt. 1812 in Milledgeville, Tennessee, and died Oct 1886. He married (1) Sarah Angelina Elliott Oct 1842 in Bowie County, Texas, daughter of Richard Ellott and Jane McCullough.  She was born 30 Oct 1825 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and died Apr 1864 in Bowie County, Texas. He married (2) Emma Frances Knight Aft. 1864. She was born 23 Oct 1824 in Virginia, and died 02 May 1879 in Bowie County, Texas.  See Descendants of John M Kimbell David Edwards
Mathews, Eddie (Edwin Lee) - 1958 TOPPS EDDIE MATTHEWS #480 BRAVES CARD
Born: October 13, 1931, Texarkana, Texas; Died: February 18, 2001, La Jolla, California; Batted: left; Threw: right; Played for: Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros, Detroit Tigers; Elected to Hall of Fame by BBWAA: 1978; 301 votes of 379 ballots cast: 79.42%
McCoy, Inez Jones & the Musgrove & Ware Families at Spring Lake Park - Ca 1940 Elaine Martin
McCoy, Jim & Inez Jones & the Musgrove & Ware Families at Spring Lake Park - Ca 1940 Elaine Martin
Jones, Inez & Oliver Martindale - 1931 Elaine Martin
Jones, Inez & Wilma Ligon - 1933 Elaine Martin
Jones, Willard Morelle & Inez Jones McCoy on Summerhill Road Elaine Martin
Knoblock Family Photo's, Texarkana 
Lafeyette, Charles & Cates, Martha Ann McGowan Edward Cates
McCoy, James H at Texarkana Dam - 1933 Elaine Martin
McMillan, Bill Family - 22 Family members - 1904, New Hope, Texas Eddie Robinson 
McMillan Brothers & Family History - John Vanderver (Van) McMillan 1857 _ 1932 Eddie Robinson 
McMillan, John Evander (Van) McMillan & Sarah Catherine Bush family Eddie Robinson 
Mead, Harry Photo, Bowie Co. .
Old, Carra Belle, Willard, & Clifford Marland (abt.1899)  Marland Old
Post, Mr Frank Post & car - 1910  (News clipping) Eddie Robinson 
Read, Ada Caroline - D/o Elizabeth Jane Kimbell & Rhesa Walker Read, born 10 AUG 1867 in DeKalb, Texas, and died 25 JUN 1955 in Austin, Texas. David Edwards
Read, Rhesa Walker - Rhesa Walker Read was born 30 Dec 1836 in Canton, Alabama, and died 02 Aug 1909 in Texarkana, Texas. He married Elizabeth Jane Kimbell 16 Nov 1859 in DeKalb, Texas. She was born 23 Jul 1843 in DeKalb, Republic of Texas, and died 08 Feb 1920 in Texarkana, Texas.  See Descendants of Rhesa Walker Read David Edwards
Robinson Family & Boarders abt 1898 Eddie Robinson 
South Lord Play Boys - date unknown - Dale Orr,  A Y Foster Jr,  Margarett Stuart, Laurence Orr Annette
Stacks, William Monroe & Winona Diatema (Carney) on Wedding Day - 1897 in Bowie County Jim Stacks 
Steelman, James D & Ella Beatrice Bigford Family and Home - Malta, Texas 1907 Bob Steelman
Stingley, J C & Mary Family Eddie Robinson 
Sweeney, Anthony Bernard - ca 1902  William Sweeney
Texas & Pacific & crew - Texarkana - Benton Boykin, Fireman  Billy R. Boykin
Tidwell, Lewis Winfred and Maggie Stingley marriage - 1916 Eddie Robinson
Unknown Bowie County Residents Jo Autrey
Unidentified Children - 1941 Deluxe Studio Texarkana, Tx Photo -
Wagner, Kennie - The Outlaw  (after he turned himself in to Lillie Barber at the Miller County Jail) Jim Stacks 
Webster, Mable - Webster, Sally - Jones, Willard Morelle - Webster, Bobbie at Texarkana Dam - 1933 Elaine Martin
Wright, Edgar Floyd  & Martha Annie Barnes Wright - 1940's Doni Wright
Wright, Mrs Maggie - 1925 and Grandchildren L THOMPSON


Photo Description Submitter
AR High School - 1910 .
AR High School - 1924 .
AR High Group Photo before 1926 #1 Pat Foster King
AR High Group Photo before 1926 #2 Pat Foster King
Bowie Co. School Group circa 1900-1905 Lavone Major
Catholic School Class Texarkana, Ark. abt. 1910 William Sweeney
Central School Building - Texarkana Elaine Martin
College Hill School - 1912 Eddie Robinson 
Creosote School 1917 - 1918; Texarkana, Tx - Ruby Dennis DeFee, (Grandmother of William Sweeney) William Sweeney
Crump School in the Lenox Hill Community - North of De Kalb, TX. Kathy Mitchell
DeKalb Girls Basketball Team - 1911 Eddie Robinson 
DeKalb Girls Basketball Team - 1928 Marland Old
DeKalb School Primary Grades 1915 Eddie Robinson 
DeKalb School 1915 Photo & names - Seventh and Eighth Graders Marland Old
Highway School - 1933 - Students Photo Juanita Grider Shelton
By way of: Marland Old 
Highway School Souvenir & Photo of Artie Richardson Juanita Grider Shelton
By way of: Marland Old 
Liberty School 9th Grade /Names  - 1945 Texarkana, Texas Jay (James William) Riley
Lydia School - 1910-1911 School Year Don Condor
Moss Springs School 1910 Marland Old 
Mt. Sterling School Photo #1 - (Which was near Austin Chapel on FM1840.)  Jean Old
Mt. Sterling School Photo #2 (1922) Jean Old
Mt. Sterling School Photo #3 Jean Old
New Boston HS Graduates - 1915 / names Marland Old 
New Boston School 1914 - 8th and 9th Grade /names Marland Old 
New Hope School/Class - 1914 Eddie Robinson 
Oak Grove School in 1900 Marland Old 
Old Salem School - 1898 / names Marland Old 
Old Salem School 1939 Kathy Mitchell
Sand Hill School Photo 1929 Daniel Holmes
St Edwards School & Church William Sweeney
Texarkana Jr College - 1920's Elaine Martin
Texarkana Jr College Elaine Martin
Texas High School - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Texas High School - Texarkana Ca 1930's L R Henderson
Unknown Texarkana Texas School abt. 1915 William Sweeney
Wards Creek School 1909 Marland Old 
Whitaker School - abt 1926 - Effie Belle Head Britt, Principal standing on back row.  Located on the Texas side of Texarkana, right behind Hardy Methodist Church.  Building is still standing at 519 Whitiker St. , Texarkana, TX B G Yocom Coulter

Street & Park Scenes

Photo Description Submitter
Aerial View - Texarkana - 1937 Elaine Martin
1910 - The Boulavard .
1910 Street Scene .
1912 Construction Crew - Hwy 82
1912 Highway 82 Road Construction
Marland Old

Eddie Robinson
Bird's Eye View of Texarkana .
Broad Street Photo; Texarkana, 1874 Tresa Underwood
Broad Street - Texarkana - 1907 Elaine Martin
Broad Street - Texarkana - 1908 Elaine Martin
Broad Street - Texarkana - Ca 1915 Elaine Martin
Broad Street Photo; Texarkana, 1939 Tresa Underwood
Downtown Texarkana Ar. Broad St. early 1900's William Sweeney
Pine Street - Texarkana Elaine Martin
Spring Lake Park .
Spring Lake Park - 1910 Elaine Martin
Spring Lake Park - 1911 Nancy Merritt
State Line Aerial View - Texarkana - Ca 1905 Elaine Martin
State Line - Texarkana - 1909 Elaine Martin
State Line - Texarkana - Ca 1910 Elaine Martin
State Line Avenue, Texarkana USA, 1930 .
State Line - Texarkana - 1940 Elaine Martin
State Line - Texarkana - 1940's .
Street Scene - Texarkana - Ca 1888 Elaine Martin
Texarkana Street Car abt. 1915  Jay (James William) Riley
Texas Viaduct and Broad Street .
Third Street - Texarkana - 1930's Elaine Martin

Texarkana - Arkansas side

Photo Description Submitter
Pine Street Presbyterian Church - 1913 Barbara Ray

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Photo Description Submitter
Unknown Family (1) Don Condor
Unknown Family (2) Don Condor

Arkansas Civil War Note

Civil War Dollar -- Arkansas

100 Dollars -- Republic of Texas

Civil War 5 Dollars -- Louisiana

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