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19 Jul 2012   Joe Allen

I found a photo of a Mr & Mrs Cox and a separate photo of the two Cox girls--circa 1910. Writing on the back of the photo said that  "the Cox family lived in the Howard Community a few miles from Haskell". My grandmother lived in Haskell in 1910, and her name was Allie Belle Moseley, daughter of N G  Nathaniel Green  and Mary Etter Moseley Moseley. Apparently, Allie Belle and the Cox girls were friends as well as their families. The Cox photos may be a wonderful find for the Cox family relatives still living today.    Contact me by e-mail by clicking on my name (above).
(Note:  Joe Allen has left a telephone number which I will provide for legitimate inquiries - Jane Colmenares, webmaster)

15 Jun 2012   Jim Tarbet

My great grandfather, John W. TARBET, moved to Haskell county with his family, in 1900.   John W. bought a farm northwest of Rule where his family lived until 1908 when he sold it and moved into
Rule.    In 1910, John W. engaged in a strong and successful campaign to become Tax-Assessor & Collector for Haskell county.  He won the election and moved to Haskell while he served his
2 terms.    

I recently obtained a photo of John W. and his wife Mary Elizabeth which has a notation on the reverse indicating John W. was the County Judge.   I had never heard about that.   Is there something which shows who the Haskell County Judges were?   And how long were the terms for Tax assessor/collector?    Thanks for any information.   Jim Tarbet.

1 Jun 2012   Bill Cummins

Felix John CUMMINGS (10 Jan 1863-24 May 1885) is buried in Willow Cemetery in Haskell.  His sister, Florence Cummings Winn (3 Aug 1861 – 18 Feb 1935), is also buried there.   Their older brother, HAROLD CUMMINGS, died in 1901 but I do not know where.   They are the children of John O. Cummings and Julia Manning Cummings.   I am looking for information on HAROLD CUMMINGS especially.   

Does Haskell County have City Directories, Newspapers and Funeral Home Records to help me find out more on Harold and that family?   “Cummins” may have been spelled without the “g”, sometimes.    Thank you for any information you can provide about HAROLD and his family.    Bill Cummins.

7 Sep 2011   Ryan

I need court/probate info on F. M. Morton who is buried at Willow Cemetery in Haskell.   He was
born 5 Jul 1856 and died 2 Aug 1923 but I am not sure which county he actually died in.   Please contact me if you have any information.   Ryan Campbell.

2 Aug 2011   Chris

My father's name is James William Cooper and I believe he lived in Stamford, Texas.    He died in 2009.  My grandfather's name was Alonzo Houston Cooper.   Let me know if you have any information or are related.   Chris Surratt.

24 May 2011  Linda Penn

I am looking for information about a hotel named "Old Kentucky Home" that was once in Haskell.  Many thanks for any information.  

Linda Hamilton Penn (my parents, grandparents and ggrandparents lived in Haskell County).

21 Dec 2010  SandraDea

Would like to find out where to write or call for the Weinert Cemetery.    I have called the funeral home twice in the last month only to be told someone would get back to me.   We are trying to verify 2 graves in order to place headstones for them.   Thanks.

9 Dec 2010   Joanne Sutherland

I am searching for my husband's uncle. He is listed in the 1910 census records, or at least, someone with his name is listed.  Elisha K. Sutherland, born 1787 in Virginia, traveled to W.Va in 1900 and worked as a coal miner for a while.  In the 1910 Haskell County census, there is an E. Sutherland listed as a barber with a wife named Ola. Don't know if this is who I am looking for, but decided to turn over as many rocks as need be to find him.   If there is anyone reading this who might know this person, please respond.   Thanks

4 Aug 2010   Linda Penn

The 1910 Census for Haskell County lists W. T. Peters as hotel keeper of "Old Kentucky Home". 
 I am interested in information about the family and the hotel.    I'm a Rochester native (parents were Orville and Violet Atcheson Hamilton) so the hotel info intrigues me.   The Peters family were in other counties in the previous and the following census so would have been short-term residents of Haskell. Many thanks for any information or photos provided.  Linda Penn  

9 Apr 2010   Bob Smith

Seeking any family information in regards to the William VIA family living in Haskell County according to the 1910 Census.    Specifically,  information on William's father, Andrew Jackson VIA who died in 1913 and is presumed to be buried in Haskell County.  Information as to where Andrew is buried or any other family information would be greatly appreciated.   Bob Smith

29 Mar 2010   Tina Newman

I am looking for information, stories, photos, etc. on the CARR Family of Haskell County
Texas.   E. L. CARR is the first name on my list.   I would appreciate any help.   Tina Newman.

30 Nov 2009   Gary Cowan

In researching my SHORT family's WARINER branch, I came across the following newspaper article from 1904, and wondered if anyone knew who this boy might be. As far as I know, none of my family were in Haskell Co at that time.    Gary Cowan, Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Telegram, Vol XX, Issue 305, Page 19
8 May 1904

Police News:     A notice reading something like this was put in the police station today:

"Lost - A boy, about 13 years of age; fair skin, blue eyes, light hair and spare build. His home is in Haskell, Haskell county, Texas. About ten days ago the boy was put off the train at Fort Worth and since has not been seen. Address any information to E. Warriner, 1521 South Calhoun street, city."

This makes the third boy who has been lost, strayed or stolen in the last few weeks. In a short time it will be necessary to put collars, with name and address on all youngsters in order to keep them safe.

16 Nov 2009   Dick Whitaker

I have a family photo of Charles Franklin Crane and Nora Whitaker Crane and their two children born in Haskell County - Edgar Romine Crane and James Raymond Crane, taken about 1912.    Is there anyone who is researching this family who would like a copy?

23 Oct 2009   John Bryan

Dr. Charlie Sutton Burns was a long time physician in Haskell County.   I am looking for information about him.   He was born 1873 and died 1960.   Thanks.  John

10 Mar 2009   Mike Webb

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, Kendall Dedford Webb.  He is listed on the Haskell County 1910 Census page 108-12b.  My Grandfather Cole Webb is listed there as his infant son.  Does anyone have any additional information?  Thanks.   Mike

23 Feb 2009   Sandra Butcher

Looking for info on Billy Gerald Wright.   He was born in 1936 in Haskell County.  He graduated from Rule High School in 1956.   I am doing an update on my classmates and he is the only person I have not been able to find.   Thank you.  Sandra

10 Jan 2009   Patty Spears

My 87 yr-old mother's memory is that my great-grandparents, William Louis and Talitha Belva GOBER NORTON, ran a hotel in Haskell in the 1920s.   She thinks it was called the Norton Hotel.  This may or may not be accurate but I do have a clock from the hotel and I would like some history to go with it....if, in fact, there was a hotel run by the NORTONS.   I know that William and Talitha were living in Haskell when my mother and her brother were born in Haskell in 1921 and 1918, respectively, to the Norton's daughter, Elwa Vashti Norton BAILEY.   I would appreciate any information you can give me.   Thank you.  Patty Spears, Sherman, Texas.

11 Nov 2008    Marcia

I am seeking information on Claude HAYES who died in Haskell County in 1948.   His death certificate indicates burial in Rule Cemetery.   His child, Jenita HAYES born 1941 - died 1943, is also buried there per her death certificate.    My information indicates that Jessie Ann BRYAN was the wife/mother of this family.   The Claude HAYES I am seeking was my grandfather's half-brother and lived in Fisher County, TX in 1910 and 1920.   Any information about these persons would be appreciated.

30 Oct 2008   James in Georgia

Telemacus Alexander MAYES, born 1843 in Georgia, died 1930 in Texas.   He married Louisa Eveline BURNS who was born 1845 in Georgia and died 16 Feb 1919 in Haskell Co., Texas.
I am researching the family and need their descendants and where Telemacus and Louisa are buried, etc.   Thanks.    James in Georgia.

1 Oct 2008     Jimmy Harris

My Grandfather, James Benjamin HARRIS, entered the US Army around 1918 in Haskell.   I believe there has been information printed in the Haskell Freepress about this departure.   He was accompanied by Hill Oates, I think.   I would like any information anyone may have.   I am presently writing a military history book about my ancestors.   Thanks.   Jimmy Harris.

26 Apr 2008   Nell Page

George Robert PAGE was murdered in Haskell County on May 27, 1922.   He was my husband's grandfather.   I'm searching for information on this murder done by a man with the last name of Mature.   The book "Sod Busters and Cow Pokes of Haskell County" (written by Betty &  R.S.Sanders) said Page, Mature and another man went to a party in a home in the Mitchell community where they got into a fight.  Mr. Mature cut George Page's throat with a knife and he bled to death before or after he was taken to a doctor (perhaps in O'Brien, TX).  We've been told that Mr. Mature also killed someone named Aunt Beck Corsey and served some time in prison either for her or Page's murder.  There was a story about this in a 1930s True Detective magazine which we do not have and cannot locate.  We would appreciate it very much if any of you know anything about this or can tell us how to access newspaper or court records of George Page's death.    Thank you so much.   Nell Page

2 Mar 2008   The Porters

Ruby Porter ANDERSON and her husband moved to O'Brien, Texas, in Haskell County, from Okolona, Mississippi, in the early 1900's.   I am interested in finding more on Ruby and her family.   Where did they go?  She was probably a teacher and her husband was reported to have been owner of a ranch.   Any help would be appreciated.

22 Jan 2008   Margaret Beaver

I am looking for information on the Weaver School. My Great Grandfather, J.M. BLAKEMORE, was a schoolteacher there in 1910.   My Grandmother, Ethel Blakemore, married my Grandfather, Robert F. BROOKS, also in 1910 in Haskell County.  I have a copy of the marriage certificate.

There were two other marriages that took place there, I believe, in 1910. One was a Georgia Blakemore to a PARKS, and Jo Blakemore to a WEAVER.   A cousin's wife and I are interested in the lookup of the marriages for the Parks and Weaver marriages.  She has a picture of Benjamin Parks and all it says on back is it was taken at the Weaver School. There are several other children in the photo, but cannot make out any of what the old school looked like. Evidently the Weaver's were from there, and that's possibly where the school name came from.    The county map shows a school named Weaver.

Is there also a town called Weaver? Does anyone have a picture of the old Weaver School?    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.   Margaret

16 Nov 2007  Leah Belshay

My grandfather, David Herman DILLARD, lived in Haskell from approx. 1938-1945. His father's name was William Earl DILLARD and he owned a one pump filling station outside of town. The family lived in the back part of the building. His wife's name was Daisy Florine KUYKENDALL. They lived across the street from William's sister- Pearl ?.    My grandfather, David, says he walked about 1/2 mile to school- a one story building.

I'm visiting family in Texas this Christmas and was wondering if the school is still standing or if someone could help me locate exactly where the filling station/school were in Haskell. Does anyone remember this family? If someone could help I would like to visit the town. I am also looking for information on the Kuykendall's who lived approx. 80 miles away. Thanks, Leah Belshay  

31 Oct 2007  Jamie Bechtel

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the BROWN family that lived in Haskell County around the early 1900's? Thanks

13 Sep 2007  Carl Stewart

Looking for STEWART relatives who were in Haskell County in the 1930's.  The family was previously from Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.   

3 Sep 2007     Ron Delord

I am a volunteer researcher for the Texas Peace Officers Memorial. On 10 Aug 1969 Post Chief of Police Billy Tom GORDON died of a heart attack after assisting a deputy sheriff recapture an escaped prisoner. An obit in the Sheriff's Association of Texas publication reported GORDON was 48 years old and left a widow, one daughter, two sisters and one brother. Garza county records on-line report he was single and records indicate a son, Billy Dan GORDON, Date of Birth: 25 Nov 1946, Birth County: Haskell, and a daughter, Janice Lynn GORDON, Date of Birth: 28 Jun 1951. His wife is listed as Emma Lee HARRELL. Information in regards to surviving family members would be appreciated. I also posted this query on Garza county message board where GORDON was working when he died.    Ron Delord

3 Sep 2007    Wanda Ham

A Haskell County researcher is looking for relatives of two children who lived in Haskell County in the 1920's.   The researcher, June Hogue, has a photo of Billy and Nelly GREY/GRAY, ages 3 and 5, whose mother died not long after leaving their abusive father.   These two children were taken in by a neighbor, Mrs. Whitaker, to help them while their mother was ill.   After the death of their mother, the children were placed in the Buckner Children's Home in Dallas.   A photo of the two children has been kept by Mrs. Whitaker's descendants.   If anyone knows of relatives who might like to have the photograph, contact Wanda Ham of the Haskell County Historical and Genealogical Society and she will pass along that information to Mrs. Hogue.

29 Aug 2007   Carlbowencox@aol.com

My family lived in Haskell County during the early 1900's.   They were the HUDDLESTONS and the COXES.    They lived in the O'Brien and Rochester communities.   I would like to know where I could find information about the O'Brien schools during the years 1900 thru 1915.   Thank you for your help.

22 Aug 2007   Janice White Hargrove

I have found census records that show some of the WHITES and CHASTAINs were kin to me in Haskell County, Texas.   My grandfather was Thomas Franklin WHITE (1889-1969).   He died in Mobile, AL, and was born (possibly) in Texas.    My grandmother was Fannie (possibly Frances) Pearl CHASTAIN/CHASTIN (1900-1937).  She died in Donalsonville, GA, and may have been born in Texas.  

I descend from their son, Norman Eddie White (1934-2005) who is buried in Donalsonville, GA, and am searching for any relatives:  brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, etc.    See more details on this family in my MailList posting at the Haskell MailList Archives for August 2007 at http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/index/txhaskel .   Thank you for any information you might have.   Janice White Hargrove.

20 Jul 2007   Susan Kirby

Does anyone have information about the Middleton Family in Haskell?  I think they owned a store.

Susan Kirby

29 Jun 2007   Linda Morgan Clark

I am trying to locate information on Franklin Pierce (Frank P.) MORGAN who, I believe, practiced law in Haskell County after 1878.    Thank You.    Linda Morgan Clark.

27 Jun 2007    Malcolm Hunter

Willow Cemetery Tombstone Photo Needed.   I am searching for a tombstone photo volunteer who could take a picture of a gravesite at Willow Cemetery in Haskell and then e-mail me the photo.   Block 10, Lot 2, Row 1 (one)   Poleman P. Quattlebaum gravemarker.  Thanks for your help.   Malcolm Hunter.

25 Jun 2007    Hugh Owens Coburn

My Grandfather, HUGH COBURN, lived in Haskell with his wife, Myrtle and children Stella Mae, Austen, Wayne, Vernon (my father) and Anita.   Information about this family would be greatly appreciated.   Hugh Owens Coburn

12 Jun 2007   Lucretia Morales

I am looking for information on George W. STURDIVANT b. 22 Feb 1917 d. 29 Sep 1946 who is buried in the Rule Cemetery.  I would like to find an obituary on him if one might exist.  Thank you.

9 Jun 1007   Mary Griffith

Does Haskell County have records of people admitted to an Insane Asylum during the years of 1908 thru 1914 and where may I inquire about them?   Thank you very much.   Mary Griffith

1 Jun 2007  Malcolm Hunter

I think my QUATTLEBAUM ancestors are buried in Willow Cemetery in Haskell but would like to verify this.  The two names I am interested in are:  Poleman Pierce Quattlebaum who died June 30, 1933, and Laura Frances Quattlebaum who died November 20, 1940.   Thanks so much for any help.    Malcolm Hunter
(Note: Mr. Hunter went to the Haskell Look-up Volunteers  page and found a volunteer who did look-ups in the Willow Cemetery Book.   The Volunteer reported that the above people ARE buried in Willow Cemetery.)

5 May 2007  Elaina Lowell

Seeking family info:   Thomas ADAMS b. 1 Sep 1922, son of Bertha Adams, and on Bertha's daughter, Letha Faye.   They lived in Rochester, Haskell Co., Texas, during the 1930's, at least (maybe later).   Letha Faye's married name was BRANTLEY.    Elaina Lowell

30 Apr 2007  Joyce Barrett

Frank Williams and his wife, Hattie, were living in Haskell according to the 1930 census.   Frank worked in a garage and Hattie was a bookkeeper for the county.   I am looking for information about them and wonder if they were buried in Haskell County or if they moved before they died.   Any information would be very much appreciated.   Joyce,  Carthage, Texas.

1 Apr 2007    Mick Bradley

I have two photos of members of the Alexander Calvin Orr and Lucinda Emmadora Hollabaugh family.   I have a list of names of these children but I need help in identifying which is which in the pictures.   The photos are posted in the Biographies section of the Haskell TXGenWeb at OrrFamilyPhotos.htm .   I would really appreciate it if you would take a look and let me know which of the children match the list of names on that page.   Mick

19 Mar 2007  Vera York McGuire

My parents (both deceased), Alfreda Corean THRUSH and Asberry YORK, were married in Haskell County in the 1940s.   I am looking for their marriage record.  Their parents were Claude Thrush & wife Leona, and Joe York & wife Virdie.   Thank you.   Vera York McGuire.

17 Mar 2007  Charles Beason

I am looking for information about Arnetta "Netta" HUFF LOTT who was probably born in Missouri (1870 - 1890?) and lived in Haskell County, I suppose in the early to mid 1900's.    I see on some lists that LOTT families probably came to Haskell County after 1920.   I do not have Mrs. Lott's husband's name.   Any help would be appreciated.   Charles Beason.

11 Dec 2006  Margaret Brooks Beaver

Could someone help me find out more information on my relatives that were in Haskell County in 1910?  I know my grandparents, Robert BROOKS and Ethyl BLAKEMORE, married there in 1910.   I also came across some info that my other grandfather, Joseph M. BLAKEMORE, taught at Weaver school there in 1910 and several Blakesmores married WEAVERs and PARKs there, also.    I have the census records for 1910 already but I wondered if there is any more history on the Brooks, Blakemore, Weaver and Parks families in Haskell County.   Thanks for any information.   Margaret (Brooks) Beaver, Dougherty, Oklahoma.

19 Sep 2006  Curtis Adair

I am looking for information about a Jim ROGERS who was a Baptist Minister in Haskell County in the 1920s-1930s.   My Grandmother, Cora Lee Rogers ADAIR, was one of 13 children of Jim Rogers.   She was born in Sagerton and married Welton Thomas Adair of Aspermont.    Some other children of Jim Rogers are J. D. Rogers and A. C. Rogers.   Any information is more than I have.   Thanks.   Curtis Adair

17 Sep 2006  Margaret

My family lived in Haskell County in the early 1900's and I need information on how to find school records.  My families were BROOKS and BLAKEMORE.   I have a little information on the Weaver School.   I believe J. B. BLAKEMORE was teaching school there in 1910.   Some other family members were the WEAVER and PARKS families.   Thanks for any help.   Margaret.

11 Sep 2006  Regina King

John Thomas GREEN, Sr. married Sarah Ann MEADOWS in 1866 in Carroll Co., GA.   Their children were:  Ida Mercer GREEN, Idella GREEN, James William GREEN,  John Thomas GREEN, Jr., and 6 others.   John Thomas Green, Sr., died in Haskell County, Texas, in November 1900.   I am descended from Idella Green.    Is there more information available on this family?    Regina King.

22 Aug 2006 Peggy Pennington Pound

My great grandparents, James and Jerusha Kennedy lived in Haskell and Henderson Counties in the early 1900s.  They are supposedly buried in Breckenridge Cemetery but I cannot locate it.  My other grandparents, Frank Leroy and Myrtle Marrah (Kennedy) Pennington also lived in Haskell and my father, James Pennington, was born there in 1922.  Does anyone have any clues or sources they can share with me? 

20 Aug 2006 Carl

My family lived in Haskell County in the early 1900's.   I am looking for school records for O'Brien in 1900 to 1915.   Where would I go?

20 Aug 2006  Sandra

I was graciously given 3 news articles on the death of Monroe HICKS and the trials of his uncle Andrew J. JONES from Redlands, San Bernadino Co., CA., dating back in 1931.    Roy HICKS, brother of Monroe, shows to have died in Haskell County.    I am not sure where Andrew Jones met his end.   If anyone can help with more information on Roy and Andrew, it would be more than appreciated.   Thank you in advance.   Sandra.

19 Aug 2006  Sandra 

Looking for any information on Charlie Roy HICKS who was born about 1906.   He is the son of William Monroe HICKS and Annie Jane SHINAULT.   Texas Death Records show he died in Haskell County 27 Jul 1950 where there are several Hicks and Shinault descendants.   Roy is said to have taken his own life after the death of another family member under suspicious circumstances.   This other family member (name not known at present) was said to have just been released from prison for the murder of Roy's brother, Monroe, in California on
24 March 1931 . Annie SHINAULT HICKS' sister, Matilda, married John Calhoun PICKERING.   Matilda died in Haskell County 13 Feb 1948.    Most of Matilda's descendants are in Henderson County.   Thanks in advance, Sandra.

14 Aug 2006  Aleta Cavender

Some of my mother's people were named ANDRES.   The only one I remember is Opal ANDRES.   She was married to my mother's cousin.   I also think there was one who lived in an old converted school house in the 1950's but I can't remember his name.   I think it started with H.   I am trying to find the links to my mother who was Opal Mae HOWARD.   Her father was O. P. HOWARD and his brother was John HOWARD who was a deaf mute.   Thanks for your help.   Aleta.

29 Jul 2006 Carl Burdette

I am seeking the name of the cemetery in which Uriah V. THOMAS (b. Feb 1861 d. 1929) and his wife Sarah Exar "Sallie" HASSELL THOMAS (b. Feb 1867 d. 1930) are buried.   I believe they died in O'Brien.   I am also seeking information about their sons (1) David Hezekiah, (2) William U., (3) Edgar Newel, (4) James D., and
(5) Charlie Austin.   Any information will be appreciated.   Carl Burdette, Dacula, GA.

27 Jul 2006 Ron DeLord

The Dallas Morning News of 10-25-1926 reported that J. K. BEAUCHAMP, 30, was shot and killed while acting as the City of Haskell night watchman when he tried to stop two men from burglarizing a local store.  He was from Rochester in Haskell County and was survived by his wife and two small children and family in Rochester.

I am a volunteer researcher for the Texas Peace Officers Memorial and am interested in the place of burial of BEAUCHAMP, any surviving family, his date of birth, etc.   Two men were arrested in 1927 - Walter KING, 20, and Reuben DAVIS, 26.    I'd like to know if these two men were ever prosecuted.   Any assistance would be appreciated.   Ron DeLord  www.pomf.org   
Note:  Local Haskell County historians have answered Mr. DeLord's query.  John Keifor Beauchamp was posted by Mr. DeLord to the Officer Down Memorial Page on 29 Jul 2006 http://www.odmp.org/agency.php?agencyid=5369

25 Jul 2006 Elmer

I'm looking for the graves of my Grandparents, Eugene and Jessie BURLESON and my 2Great Grandparents, Benjamin F. and Mary Elizabeth BURLESON.   I have many relatives buried in Rochester Cemetery.   Any help will be appreciated.   Elmer L. Burleson

23 Jul 2006   Robert

My Grandfather, Hugh COBURN, was an engineer for WTU and my Dad delivered block ice by
horse-drawn wagon.   I have been looking for photographs of the old West Texas Utilities plant that
was located in the south east section of Haskell, Texas, by the railroad.  If anyone has a picture I would like a copy of it.  Thanks, Robert Coburn.

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