Benjamin Franklin ARMSTRONG Families

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Benjamin Franklin ARMSTRONG Families

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Frank Armstrong (1857-1941) brought his second family to Rusk County circa 1925. I have individual records that put a couple of the older children here by about 1910. Frank's second wife was Effie May DISNEY COOK (1874-1918).

Effie was previously married and had one son, Charles Oscar COOK (1890-1976), who registered for the draft here in 1917. By 1920, he was in Dallas where he lived most of his life. I've never found a marriage record for Effie and Uncle Oscar's father or even his name.

Frank's first five children by wife, Sarah Elizabeth MORGAN (1855-1904) were Martha B (1877-1904) married Richard MORGAN (1874-1925) and lived in Arkansas; Thomas Vernon (1878-1961) married Gertie Estella BONHAM (1880-1960) and liked to travel, he spent the last half of his life in Idaho; Mary Josephine (1880-1963) married Oscar Alex JOHNSON (1873-1945) and lived in Nebraska and Oregon; Mamie Dorcas (1883-1947) married Samuel Green FORD (1880-1935) and lived in Oklahoma and Michigan; and Charlie Money (1888-1890).

Frank and Effie had 10 children together: Minnie Gretchen (1893-1977) married John Thomas DAVIS (1882-1958) and lived in Dallas; Ruben, my grandfather, (1895-1969) married Neeley MILLS (1896-1983) and lived in Rusk County; Bell Elizabeth (1896-1928) married Richard Thomas FINCHER (1893-1959) and lived in Ellis County; Laura (1901-1961) married Benjamin Franklin GEORGE (1899-1963), stayed in Rusk County and was a twin to Lawrence (1901-1977) who married Mary Ann GANNON (1901-2000) and also stayed in Rusk County; Rachel (1903-1931) married Walter KELLY / KELLEY (1898-1973) and lived in Rusk County and Dallas County; Dora Minerva "Margie" married three times to Hugo DeSanto "Santo" WINFREY (1892-1979) (no issue), Loyd Desford BRADBERRY / BRADBURY (1896-1951) and an unknown REXRODE (her death record and tombstone give this name but no husband) and lived in Dallas and in Rusk County; Beatrice "Bird" (1911-1995) married four times to Fred Lawrence FREEMAN (1909-????), Harris Burts BRADBERRY / BRADBURY (1891-????), Benjamin Benkley BLINCO (?-?) and Grady Willis WATKINS (1913-1984) and lived mostly in Dallas; Keith Henderson (1914-1991) married three times to Beatrice DAVIS (1911-2004), Lucille Gladys ALLEN (1915-1944) and Mildred Geneva PROPES (1919-2008) and lived in Dallas and Rusk County; Johnnie (1916-1979) married Dottis Nadine MILEY (1921-1996) and lived in Joinerville.

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