Reason Why did I choose to be a Strategist?

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Reason Why did I choose to be a Strategist?

Post by waltercameron » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:31 am

A lot of people message this question, mostly new solo-preneurs, and students. From the day one of starting my business, I always wanted to be positioned as a person who helps you solve business problems, and currently I am doing the same by providing cheap essay writing help, to students of colleges, and universities. I don't know about everyone but when someone asks me to help my mind function better, I'm able to brainstorm easily and find better solutions and ideas. For a very long time I was helping and giving advice to all sizes of businesses, In that time I didn't find a word that fit my role. Until I learned about brand strategists and I can easily relate myself as one, so it's not just some fancy word but it has a deep meaning behind it. I did a post on "What is a Brand Strategist?" but even that post doesn't describe one completely, I will link that in the comments.

Tell us your thoughts and stories?

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