"Today I saved an old photo album from being buried in a heap of trash at the Dallas landfill. I cleaned my yard and took a load to a City of Dallas disposal facility and saw an attendant looking at the album that someone had just dumped. Some of the photographs date to the 1800's. Anyhow, it appears to be from a family by the name of Brunkenhoefer. Other than some old pictures there was a card from the 1903-1904 Hochheim Prairie School No. 27, DeWitt County.

Listed are: Elsa Schoenfeld, Mattie Boothe, Willie Boothe, Selma Eschenburg, Lilly Eschenburg, Norma Runge, Alma Blohm, Myrtle Pettit, Bertha Coldewey, Minnie Coldewey, Ada Spears, Virdie Spears, Alice Toenjes, Lydia Boening, Ella Koepke, Johanna Blank, Julie Kuck, Rosa Englert, Berth Englert, Emma Rathkamp, Bertha Rathkamp, Fanny Mikes, Annie Mikes, Clara Rollins, Sarah Rollins, Ida Rollins, Mollie Berger, Hulda Berger, Rosa Targace, Annie Targace, Olga Till, Louis Roth, Edmond Runge, Walter Runge, Fred Huth, Grover Boothe, Willy Wagner, Tillmaun Wa ger, Alfred Spears, Claud Spears, Henry Koehler, Henry Coldewey, Roy Pettit, John Kuck, Willy Kuck, Louis Blank, Henry Blank, John Baechkermann, Emil Baeckermann, John Toenjes, Eddie Rathkamp, August Rathkamp, Gustave Schmidt, Jesse Rollins, John Friedel, Emil Friedel Theodor Zahn, Adolf Zahn, Alvin Targace, August Till, Otto Binkelberg. At the bottome is the Board of Education - William Eschenburg, William Runge, Hy Toenjes and C. A. Sumners, Ex-officio County, Supt., and H. F. Brunkenhoefer, Teacher.
I will be looking for someone who the album would bring some joy to, perferably in the Brunkenhoefer line. Bill Cope, Dallas, TX"