Reeves County

History of Reeves County
Author: Robert N. Gatewood
Published: San Marcos: Southwest Texas State University 1956
Pecos: A History of the Pioneer West
Author: Alton Hughes
Sponsored by the First National Bank of Pecos
Published: Seagraves, Texas: Pioneer Book Publishers, c1978
Henry F. Reeves, His Activities & Possessions
Author: Mary Helen Pax
Published: 1953
Toyah Taproots: A memory book of those who put down roots in Toyah
Compiled by: The Toyah Historical & Centennial Committee
Published: Austin, Texas Nortex Press 1984
History of the Pecos Volunteer Fire Department
Author: Mary Nabers Prewitt
Published: Pecos, Texas c. 1976
Material: 14 pages, illustrations, map, photos
If you know of any more books that are about Reeves Co. or its citizens, please send me the title and author so I can post it here.