Articles, Manuscripts, Letters, etc.
Articles Online
  from "In Full the Millennium", program leaflet for 1997 McGuill Family Reunion held in Refugio
Linked w/permission
by Clara V. O'Brien
Linked w/ permission.
by Henry Wolff of the Victoria Advocate, March 31, 2002
Various articles and links related to stories of an African-American
eventually sold into slavery in Refugio Co.
If anyone has any further information and/or stories, please contact me.
A Cultural History,  Volumes One and Two
Linked w/permission
Dispatches to U.S. Consulate
These are dispatches written to the U.S. Consulate between 1825 - 1844 and concerning Texas.  Abstracted are those that pertain to area of Southeast Texas.
Concerning Guadalupe de Victoria and La Bahia
Concerning consulate office of Matagorda and Dickson's resignation
Table of Indian Tribes in Texas, residence and estimated number of warriors
Concerns Odin abandoning them.  Mentions Byrne, Gregory and Marsh.
Concerning the death of Miss Augustina Adams.  Mentions the Fagans.
References to Civil War conditions, new church in Victoria,
and deaths of Joseph Fagan, Capt. Byrne, and Father Borias.
References to buildings for Catholic school in Corpus Christi.  Mentions Gregory, Marsh and Byrne.
References to slaves, Avena and Silvia, James Byrne and Mrs. Stanley
from the Memoirs of Judge William L. Rea
This is an undated manuscript in the files of Msgr. Wm. H. Oberste at the Refugio County Library.
William (Johnstone)  Gilliland and his wife, Mary Barbour Gilliland,  were killed by Comanches in the early 1840's near Carlos Rancho in Refugio County.  This includes accounts of their daughter and two of the children's rescuers, plus probate records relating to the care of the children.

This is a wonderful account written by Mrs. Plummer in 1990, at the age of 85. 
It is a warm and loving insight into her life, and it is well worth the look and the time it takes the pages to load.

Courtesy of Paul Plummer, Grandson
This is an undated manuscript in the files of Msgr. Wm. H. Oberste at the Refugio County Library.
Permission granted by Harold Johnston, great great grandson of Annie Fagan and Peter Teal
A collection of articles, letters and photographs from Christmas Past in Refugio County
1830 - 1950
Three photographs - two of the plane and one of the pilot
Collection of Miss Maggie Tom, 1882 - 1973
Telephone Directories

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