Criminal Docket
Refugio Co., Texas

The 1870's and 1880's in Refugio County were times when men carried guns, drank whiskey, gambled a little or a lot, and were still considered the "gentle"men of the town.  Occasionally, a fellow shot off his pistol in a public place (sometimes in self defense, sometimes not), drank a little too much and used offensive language, or gambled in a public place where gambling was not allowed.  Sometimes there was a fist fight in the street - between friends or between enemies - it just depended...  As a result, these "gentle"men - and some who probably were not "gentle"men - were arrested and fined.  Accounts of these incidences were recorded in the Criminal Docket records of Refugio and included many names of witnesses and jurors.  Since these accounts help tell the story of the times, they are included on this website.  Should a descendant be concerned because of the sensitive nature of some of the accounts, please contact me so the information can be removed.  This information is in no way intended to cause distress for any individual.  Instead, it is intended to give us insight into the lives of our ancestors and their acquaintances.
The transcriptions below were completed by Rena McWilliams and posted on this website for the personal use of family researchers only. They are provided without cost, and commercial use of this copy of the transcription is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Coroner's Inquest when Buck Harris was shot in a public place.
Coroner's Inquest when John McGrew was shot in a public place.  Judge Rea told of this incident in his memoirs, but he gave a different first name of McGrew's assailant.
Several cases are listed here.  Some were removed to other counties.


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