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Power of Attorney for Salaries - 1759
This was signed at Los Adaes and lists 56 men.

Governor Manuel Munoz to Pedro de Nava - June 9, 1794
Concerning John Colbert
Declaration of Pedro Minon - Frenchman - Prisoner  - February 20, 1795

Declaration of Ildefonso Reyes 1795

Declaration of Don Mauricio Demay
List of Ranches by Jose Maria Guadiana - 1797
Missionaries at Refugio Mission
Investigation by Indians of Refugio Mission of Cannon Shots near the Coast
January 5, 1799
Report of Findings by Indians of Refugio Mission - January 18, 1799

Soldiers of Companies of Bexar and La Bahia - January 28, 1800

Report of Amangual at La Bahia of 4 Soldiers Who Deserted from Nacogdoches - 1804
Amangual to Elguezabal - Concerning Exemption of Certain Items from Taxes - 1805
Amangual to Elguezabal - Concerning State of Affairs at La Bahia - 1805
Salcedo to Elguezabal - Concerning Inspection of Presidial Company of La Bahia - 1805

Viana to Elguezabal - Concerning Damian Valenzuela - 1805

Journal of Events, Nacogdoches, June 1805
Valle to Elguezabal, August 2, 1805
Record of property and clothing belonging to Dr. Zerban.
Hanchett to McCoy - 1805
Depositions of Manuel Bega, Domingo Games and Francisco Farias - 1806
Viana to Cordero - 1807 - Concerning Don Jose Rafael Gonzales and La Bahia 
Bega - Letter Concerning Amos Hubbard - 1807
Protest Against the Opposition of Power and Hewetson 
to Settlement by Martin de Leon 
June 3, 1831
Census Records
La Bahia
Married Spaniards  Widower Spaniards  Unmarried Spaniards  Spanish Widows
Indians Married Indians  Married Mulattoes  Mestizos
 Calvary Company Indians at the Mission of Espiritu Santo, annexed to the Royal Presidio of La Bahia    
La Bahia
Page 1                                             Page 2
La Bahia
Page 1                                              Page 2
Santa Margarita Ranch
Owned by Don Martin de Leon
Census Report of November 10, 1811
La Bahia
 Households  1 through   8  Households  9 through   20  Households 21 through 35  Households 36 through  48
Households 49 through  61 Households 62 through  77 Households 78 through  96 Households 97 through 103
Records of Mission Residents
Mission Residents 1792 to 1796
Mission Residents Killed by Comanches - 1814


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