Runnels County Census Information

Runnels County was not organized until 1880, therefore there is no census records prior to that date. The census records have been transcribed from the microfilmed copies located in the Mahon Library in Lubbock, Texas. Obvious errors in birthdates and places, as well as things that need verification, are highlighted in red. Otherwise, the census was transcribed just exactly as it reads on the microfilm. Errors, such as names mispelled, will remain unchanged so as to keep with the authenticity of the census record.

1880 Census

Index and Census
Straight Text file
1880 Runnels County Census Images

1900 Census

Precinct 1
Precinct 5
Precinct 2
Precinct 4
Precinct 3
Precinct 6

1930 Census

1930 Runnels County Census Images
Thanks to Mary Love Berryman for this contribution

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Jane Colmenares
County Coordinator