Ex-Open Range Cowpunchers Association Reunion
in Winters, Texas August 1912

published by San Angelo Genealogical Society in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol.V No.4
Reproduced here by permission.

"Among the early pioneers of Runnels County, some of the over 50 attending included Uncle Nat Guest, Tad and Lee Richards, Bert Brewer, White Turner, B.M. Johnson, Albert Doose, Joe Wilmeth, Green Nixon, Bill Scott, C.G. Odom, L.P. Wood, W.E. Allen, and Uncle Joe Cotton (who resided in Sterling County in 1912).
Supper served consisted of the famous stew, so famous for its rich flavor and poor name (son of a gun stew?). Breakfast included roasted calfs head and barbecued mutton."

Runnels County

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Runnels County