Primitive Baptist Churches

A History of Primitive Baptists of Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory
by J.S. Newman, Glen Rose, Texas
Vol.1 1906, Pgs 282, 284

Content Church

Content Church was constituted April 25, 1904, at Content, Runnels County, by Elders L. H. Stuckey, I. N. Lewis, E. W. Needham, R. Baker and J. S. Newman with the following members: T. E. Brown, Elder J. B. Downing and wife, M. J. Downing, J. F. Hand, S. N. Guthrie, C. C. Freeman, N. H. Meeks, Ford Rogers and wife, J. T. Cothern and wife, S. E. Cothern, Lula Cothern and James Kerby.
Elder J. B. Downing was chosen pastor and served until 1904, when Elder Needham was called in connection with Elder Downing. Elder J. B. Downing was lettered out of this church and joined Comfort Church in Taylor County.
Elder A. C. McMillan is the present pastor of the church.

Valley Creek Church

Valley Creek Church was organized April 23, 1905 at the residence of J. M. Adams, 5 miles south of Wingate, Runnels County by Elders Wm. Lagow, J. S. Newman and W. Y. Norman with the following members: C. J. Shafer and wife, E. F. Shafer, W. G. Cook, A. L. Cook, A. L. Smith, A. I. Smith, A. F. Rogers, Sula Rogers, J. M. Adams, Linie Adams, Ada Kendrix, Walter Whiteley and wife M. A. Whiteley.
The church chose Elder J. S. Newman as pastor. Elder T. I. Mobley also served the church for a short while.
The church is a member of West Providence Primitive Baptist Association.
Little View church now dissolved was the first Primitive Baptist church constituted in Runnels County and this church was the 2nd.
Jane Colmenares  -  County Coordinator
Runnels County

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