Cynthia Catherine Bradshaw:
Her Medicine and Patients

Runnels County, Texas 1903-1932

published by the
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
in their publication "Stalkin' Kin"
Vol. XI, No. 2

The following information was submitted to the society by Mr. John Wesley Phillips (address included). We are grateful to him for sharing this information with us. Sometimes privately owned records, diaries, ledger books, etc. are the only way we can find those elusive ancestors!
Mr. Phillips says the following is a list of medicines sold by Kate Bradshaw Phillips during the years 1903-1932 (mostly 1908-1910). Kate's full name was Cynthia (Sinthia) Catherine Bradshaw. She was the daughter of Andrew Bradshaw (1820-1863) and his second wife Catherine Heffley. (He has traced the Phillips family to the early 1700s in Cecil Co., Maryland.) After her marriage to Wesley Pharr Phillips at Corinth, Mississippi in 1880, she moved with Wes and her young son, Elmer, to Terrell, Texas, where she ran a bathouse. They later moved to Peede, a small community in Kaufman Co. which is no longer extant. in 1905 Wes, Kate, and family (now three boys and two girls) moved to Ballinger. It was during these early years in Ballinger that Kate sold most of her patent medicines. She continued living there until her death on May 3, 1941.

List of patent medicines

Opaline Suppositories
Antiseptic Powder
W O K Tonic
Anticonstipation Pills
Heart Cure
Headache Cure
Tonic Vitalizer
G. B. K. Tonic
Bed Wetting M.
Stomachache Tablets
Catarrh Powder

List of Ladies receiving medicine (plus notes by Mrs. Phillips)
Mrs. M. E. Baker 1908
Mrs. Beck 1903
Mrs. Mary Barton 1908
Mrs. Black 1906
Mrs. Maude Black 1910
Mrs. Enlar Bills 1909
Mrs. Burke (the store man) 1909
Mrs. Abb Cathay 1909
Mrs. Carrell 1909
Mrs. Caskey 1909
Mrs. Abbie Clifton 1903
Mrs. Collens 1909
Mrs. J. Collens (in the flat) 1909
Mrs. Lillia Clark 1909
Mrs. Sallie Curby 1909
Mrs. Dauley 1908
Mrs. Foster (sister of Mrs. W. B. Page)
Mrs. Franklin 1908
Mrs. Clopp Golden 1909
Mrs. Crawford Golden 1910
Mrs. John Golden 1908
Mrs. Greenhill 1908
Mrs. Dellar Grider 1908
Mrs. A. J. Hicks
Mrs. Sallia Higgins 1906
Mrs. Harris 1909
Mrs. Johnson (Mrs. Harris Mama) 1908
Mrs. James 1909
Mrs. Zela Justis 1932
Mrs. R. S. Lang 1908
Mrs. R. E. Lang (or Long - lives at Norton) 1909
Mrs. Levens 1909 (daughter of Mrs. Collens)
Mrs. Green 1910
Mrs. George Kerley 1917
Mrs. John Klosel 1908, 1909
Mrs. Lona Knight 1906
Mrs. Lillian Love 1910
Mrs. Lou McKenzie 1903
Mrs. Emma Martin 1903
Mrs. J. C. McKee 1903 (Kate Phillips sister in law)
Molly McKinley 1908
Mrs. Carrie E. McBurnett 1908
Mrs. McWhirter 1908
Mrs. Rebekar Morton 1908
Mrs. Bertie Oldham (Grace sister) 1908
Mrs. W. B. Page 1908, 1909
Mrs. N. D. Porter 1909
Mrs. Mary Porterfield 1909
Mrs. Reggels 1909
Sister Reckard 1908
Mrs. Randolph 1909
Mrs. Redman 1908, 1909
Mrs. Roggers 1909 (lives near sister Hargrow)
Mrs. Amy Scurlock 1906
Miss Almer Shaw 1910
Mrs. Alford Sharp 1909
Sister Katie Smith 1917
Mrs. Starkey 1906
Mrs. Bob Smith 1908
Miss Grace Thompson 1910
Mrs. Taylor 1908
Mrs. Ward 1917?
Mrs. Lula Wood, 1909

Thanks to the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society for allowing me to publish this data on the web.
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