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References to Runnels County in Stalkin' Kin

Stalkin' Kin is the publication of
San Angelo Genealogy Society

Covering these counties: Coke, Concho, Crockett, Glasscock, Irion, Kimble, Menard, Reagan, Runnels, Schleicher, Sterling, Sutton, Tom Green

Vital & Court Records

Marriage Records Index Book 1 1880-1910

Vol.I No.3-Vol.VI No.2

Probate Cases 1880-1910 Vol.III No.3
Some Unrecorded Deaths/ Runnels County Vol.VIII No.3
Runnels County Occupational Tax Book Vol.XVII No.4,Vol.XVI No.3, Vol.XVIII No.1
1920 Texas Birth Index (13 Counties) Vol. XXIV No.4 - Vol. XXV No. 1
Crews Register of Funerals Vol. XXIV No.3 - Vol. XXV No. 3
1890 Tax List Vol. XXVI No. 1-2
Index to Commissioners Court, Claims only Vol. XXVI No. 4

Brookshire Cemetery

Vol.I No.3-4

Castleberry Cemetery

Vol.II No.1

Content Cemetery

Vol.II No.4

St. Boniface Cemetery

Vol.III No.1

Pumphrey Cemetery

Vol.III No.4

J. Sam Hall Cemetery

Vol.III No.4

Barnett Cemetery

Vol.IV No.2

Norwood Cemetery

Vol.IV No.3

Rowena Protestant Cemetery

Vol.VIII No.3


History of Runnels County

Vol.III No.3

Early Settlers: Richard Franklin Counts Vol.IV No.1
Early Settlers: Michael Collier Bright Vol.IV No.3
My Family History by Hathaway, 1925 Vol.V No.2
Early Methodism in Runnels County, Texas Vol.VII No.2
Cynthia Catherine Bradshaw: Her Medicine & Patients, 1903-32 Vol.XI No.2

Map of Runnels County

Vol.III No.3

Civil War

Confederate Pensions List Central-West Texas

Vol.IV No.1-Vol.IV No.4

Colorado Concho Confederate Reunion Association Vol.VI No.1
Roll of Ex Confederates in Runnels County 1896 Vol.VII No.4
Miscellaneous Lists

Obituary File Births Before 1880 (Some Runnels County residents)

Vol.V No.2

Ex-Open Range Cowpunchers Association 1912

Vol.V No.4

Runnels County: Some Unrecorded Deaths Vol.IX No.3

I.O.O.F. Lodge Members, 1887-89

Vol.XIV No.1

Census 1880 Runnels County Census Index Vol. XXI No.4

Ballinger Eagle, March 12, 1887

Vol.VII No.4

Ballinger Eagle, April 2, 1887

Vol.VIII No.2

Winters Enterprise, April 24, 1908

Vol.VIII No.1

Winters Enterprise, December 6, 1918

Vol.VIII No.3

Ballinger Tribune, March 31, 1905

Vol.IX No.4

Miles Messenger, Saturday, June 24, 1905 Vol. IX, No. 4

Ballinger's Banner Leader, January 5, 1901

Vol.X No.3

Ballinger's Banner Leader, January 12, 1901

Vol.X No.4

Ballinger's Banner Leader, January 19, 1901

Vol.XI No.1

Ballinger's Banner Leader, January 26, 1901

Vol.XI No.2

Ballinger's Banner Leader, February 2, 1901

Vol.XI No.3

Ballinger's Banner Leader, February 9, 1901

Vol.XI No.4

Ballinger's Banner Leader, February 16, 1901

Vol.XII No.1

Ballinger's Banner Leader, March 2, 1901

Vol.XII No.2

Ballinger's Banner Leader, March 23,1901

Vol.XII No.3

Ballinger's Banner Leader, March 30, 1901

Vol.XII No.4

Ballinger's Banner Leader, April 6, 1901

Vol.XIII No.1

Ballinger's Banner Leader, April 13, 1901

Vol.XIII No.2

Ballinger's Banner Leader, April 20, 1901

Vol.XIII No.3

Ballinger's Banner Leader, April 27, 1901

Vol.XIII No.4

Ballinger's Banner Leader, May 31, 1901

Vol.XIV No.1

Ballinger's Banner Leader, May 18, 1901

Vol.XIV No.2