To the men and women who served their country in its time of need
The Men a nd Women in World War II from Runnels County
Information from the book "The Men and Women in World War II from Runnels County" has now been fully transcribed and all photos are now online that were contained in the book. The information was taken as is and will appear just as it did in the book.
A section has been created to allow for correction of information contained in the book. Also, additional information may also be added for any of the individuals in the book. Any other individuals who are not in the book that should be included because of their Runnels County residence at the time of their service, would be also elligible for inclusion on the Addition and Corrections page. Additional pictures may also be submitted.
Feel free to email me additional information. Please include the subject line "WWII Soldiers from Runnels County" in your email. Use the link above and the subject line will be automatically added.
This book, dedicated to the memory of those men and women who so nobly gave their lives for their country, may be one of a series of books listing servicemen and women from individual counties. It may very well be a series that not only included Texas, but all the states.I could find no copyright information in this book so I am hoping that it is ok to publish it. If a copyright is on this book, let me know and I will remove these pages. I have no desire to violate any copyright laws.
My purpose is to make available this information for the genealogical community so that their research can be enhanced. Also, these pages are posted as a tribute to the men and women who have fought for the freedoms that we are so accustomed to having. Withouth their sacrifices, who knows what kind of world we would be living in.

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Runnels County World War II Casualties
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