Texas Confederate Pension Applications

There were 27 applications from Motley County for Texas Confederate Pensions. They are all here, even the rejected ones. You can get the same information from a rejected application that you get from an accepted application. There were many reasons for rejection, but the most common were an inability to prove service or because the soldier took the oath of allegiance before the surrender of Lee. To order copies of applications, go to the Texas State Library and Archives from the Texas information page and follow the links to the Confederate Pensions Index and order information.
In the case of a widow, only the Husband's given name(s) are used because the widow was supposed to have never remarried to qualify for the pension on their husband's service.

Claimant: Anderson, Hugh Stewart, (Mrs)
Pension #: rejected
Husband: Hugh Stewart
Pension #: 03093
Claimant: Anderson, Hugh Stewart
Pension #: 03093
Claimant: Anderson, Lee rej.
Pension #; rejected
Claimant: Ashford, Montgomery Paton, (Mrs)
Pension #:  rejected
Husband: Montgomery Paton
Pension #: rej.
Claimant: Bracken, Lucy Jane
Pension #: 51627
Husband: Allen Hill
Pension #:
Claimant: Campbell, J. M.
Pension #: 11058
Claimant: Campbell, L. B. (Mrs)
Pension #: 45141
Husband: Henry Harrison
Pension #:
Claimant: Copeland, William M.
Pension #: 18697
Claimant: Cornett, J. T.
Pension #: 26070
Claimant: Cribbs, P. A.
Pension #:03094
Claimant: Denny, Eliza C.
Pension #: 26183
Husband: William Hays
Pension #:
Claimant: Gerald, Samuel A.
Pension #: 42447
Claimant: Gibson, P. L.
Pension #: 46109
Claimant: Groves, Fannie A.
Pension #31842
Husband: Noble
Pension #:
Claimant: Herring, Absolum White
Pension #:rejected
Claimant: Hodges, Solomon G.
Pension #: rejected
Claimant: Jones, Mary L.
Pension #: 40905
Husband: Wylie P.
Pension #:
Claimant: Mrtin, Hariet A.
Pension # 06882
Husband: A. G.
Pension #:
Claimant: Meador, Martha Elizabeth
Pension #: rejected
Husband: William Ellsberry
Pension #:
Claimant: Medlin, Mildred, C.
Pension #: rejected
Husband: Thomas Franklin
Pension #:
Claimant: Montgomery, William A.
Pension #: 42747
Claimant: Pipkin, William Bascom
Pension #: 46693
Claimant: Seay, M. E. (Mrs.)
Pension #: rejected
Husband: R. A.
Pension #:
Claimant: Stradley, John Henry
Pension #: 25747
Claimant: Stradley, Sarah Elizabeth
Pension #: 33188
Husband: John Henry
Pension #:25747
Claimant: Tatom, Jacob Orr (Mrs.)
Pension #: 39860
Husband: Jacob Orr
Pension #:25612
Claimant: Terry, Martha Jane
Pension #: 46060
Husband: Joseph
Pension #:
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