With the dedication of the new Kermit High school building coming up next week. It has been thought that it would be a good idea to tell all about the Kermit schools as far back as possible. With the nose for news as a blood hound after his prize, ye old reporter has interviewed a few people and dug up long forgotten records for the past few days and emerged with the following results for her victory.
In the year 1922 school was still going in the old frame shack that had housed students for K. H. S. since way before the World War. That year the enrollment was very large. Oh Yes. There were eight students and one teacher. For the first semester Miss Bean taught all eight grades. The second semester Miss Bean was replaced by Miss Richburg. The following year there was still one teacher, however, a different one. Miss Winborn, (the present Mrs. J. B. Walton) and she taught for two years in succession. The first year Miss Winborn taught there were three students, and next year a large increasement of three more making the enrollment six students and one teacher. The following three years there were from two to seventeen students and still one teacher. Miss Bean (?) taught for the year of '25-'26 and Miss O'Brien for the year '26-'27 and in '27-'28 Miss Frame was the only teacher.
The next year ('28-'29) there was a large increase in the student body and the faculty. The first principal, Mr. Cook, and five teachers, of which Miss Winborn was one, made up the faculty. The students numbered 115.
In '29-'30 Supt. B. F. Meek joined the faculty making the number of teachers seven and the students enrolled 150. From '29-'32 under the coaching of Mr. Meek, the first girl basketball team in K. H. S. grew. The star of the team during that period was Connie Norton. Coach R. M. Cook started a football team that ended soon after its rise due to lack of material. In this year the school moved into their "Christmas present" -- the new building. (The present grammer school.)
In '30-'31 Mr. B. W. Quinn joined the faculty in place of Mr. Cook and one other grade school teacher. This made the teachers number seven and the students had increased to 165. The next year the faculty remained the same and the enrollment of the students dropped to 125. In this year ('31-'32) a football team of whom we especially remember J. L. Priest, Alf and Charlie Mitchel (now in Wink) and Clarence and Leoy Cavett, played the Jr. Hi squads of surrounding towns with much success.
From '32-'34 the student body consisted of from 125 to 165. During this time we had some wonderful tennis teams. In the year '34-'35 Coach Tommy Thompson (formerly Pecos coach and principal) took the place of principal and Coach in the K. H. S. faculty. Along with him several other teachers were added.
In the summer of '35, transactions were completed on the "Baird Field," and work began on it that summer. In the school term of '35-'36 all football games were played on this field. It was named in honor of W. E. Baird, Sr. -- long time president of the school board.
In the summer of '36 work began on this the new building. In April, in the spring of '37 the building was still incomplete, however, this was about the time that strikes were getting popular and the band members staged a "sit-down -- no blow" strike. They announced to Director Copeland, "No move, no blow" -- and spoiled children that they were they had their way. After this, rapid progress was made toward moving the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh grades into the new building. Completed at last in the fall of the year -- 1937 and to be dedicated October 21.
During the year, '36-'37 all football games were played at away from home. The "Baird Field" had been used to build a new school building on. Last spring (1937) work began on a new field given to the school by Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Walton and was completed September 23, only a few weeks ago. It is commonly known as the "Kermit Field."
The school, from the beginning has never had such a complete line of courses to offer as they have this year. Before I close my story may I remind you that we now have twenty-six and one half affiliated subjects. In case you are interested, here is a list of them. We have one unit in each of the following: Ancient History, American History, Modern History, Plane Geomentry, Advanced Arithmetic, General Science, Biology, Advertising, Commercial Law, Typewriting, Physical Education, Public Speaking, and Jr. Business Training. In the following subjects we have two units: Algebra, Spanish, Instrumental Music, and Secretarial Training. English is the only four unit subject we have and we have 1-2 unit in each of the following: Civics, Economics and Occupations. This year we expect to add units in the following: Home Economics, Shop, Mechanical Drawing and Journalism.
Now as a closing word, may we say, "POWER TO YOU -- K. H. S."
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